My Birthday

Guess what I got for my birthday!




A journal.



Besides being for school, I have at least five journals and notebooks at home. The difference, though, is that those don’t get used. You know when your walking around in a store, and you happen to notice this book that is perfect and just amazing and you know your totally going to write all your ideas and memories in it and, you know, USE it! They’re more like a decoration that ends up sitting on our desk for the next five years, never to be touched.


At least I don’t quite have the same problem with sketchbooks.

Ten Things I LOVE About Owning Cats

  1. They’re adorable and I really enjoy staring at their blue, and yellow eyes.

  2. I get to wake up with a mouth full of hair as they enjoy sleeping around, and on my face.
  3. They leave me wonderful presents (dead mice) on my bed.
  4. Beloved objects just seem to break when they are in the room.
  5. Cleaning up the broken objects.
  6. They randomly jump on your shoulders and lay there.
  7. They also randomly attack you.
  8. They wont stop trying to lick you (their appreciated form of affection).
  9. They constantly lay down were your trying to step.
  10. It’s fun to see them get thrown out a window.

I’m joking on that last one, I still love my cats. And may I add, thanks to our terrific felines, I don’t have to feed the fish quite as often.

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One Time…..

Once, my family and my aunt went to watch a movie at the mall, and my mom didn’t care to watch it, so she went off with the car keys and did her own thing. We watched the movie (and totally stuffed our faces with cookies and candy the whole time). After the movie my aunt left, and we sat and just talked about the funny moments, until half an hour later my dad decided to call my mom (who still hadn’t shown up). Funny how things work….   she didn’t pick up. We eventually went back to the car, and my dad tinkered with it and somehow got the doors to unlock. The moment he opened the door the car alarm went off (keep in mind we were in the multi story mall parking lot). We ended up sitting in the car for the next ten minutes with the blaring alarm going off,  while our dad went to go find my mom, and this poor person, who was directing traffic across the street, just kept glancing our way the whole time. Eventually the car alarms just went off, so moral of the story is that our car can easily be unlocked, and at any moment someone could drive off with it.